VGP is a TV Production Company that strongly “believes” in the paranormal culture.

The main aim of the company is provide a bridge between speciality broadcasters and a rising audience engaged in discovering the science and the magic behind the paranormal phenomenon.

VGP proposes creative and unique ideas and producing highly value TV shows series for a speciality target market in growing demand for this kind of content

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Skeptics & Believers is a documentary TV series where the paranormal phenomenon is treated from the skeptic and the believer point of view. Two hosts, one “the believer”, the other “the skeptical”, present one paranormal phenomenon per episode and debate about it. A proposal with 50% magical thought and 50% logical reasoning, and extreme positions that would never agree. The conclusion of each episode where a phenomenon is paranormal or has a logical explanation belongs to the audience.






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Midnight's Chronicles is a one hour drama television series, with paranormal component, that tells the story of Sophia Jannice, a single mom with two kids, trying to get back in her career as a journalist after her divorce. Her lack of experience pushes her to accept a position in a sensationalist tabloid that will demand her to research and write about all kind of unusual phenomena.