The Skeptic, the Believer and the Stargate Project

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Researching paranormal phenomena is an overwhelming task, so I asked for the help of two good friends to collaborate in this research process; one is a staunch defender of the paranormal and the other an incurable skeptic. Both accepted to help me but for professionals reasons on condition of stay anonymous, so I will refer to them as Ms. Skeptic (is a she) and Mr. Believer.

I didn’t know where I was getting into before starting this fascinating route. I found, no kidding, more than 400 types of paranormal phenomena and counting. So where to start? And then, all we concluded in one: the winner, a component presents in most of the phenomenon that also wields a respectable reputation and a increasing popularity, was clairvoyance.

The french term clairvoyance, clair ="clear" and voyance ="vision", refer to the ability of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing. The information comes through clairvoyance in the form of visualization and clear consideration.

But a shy discomfort started to emerge between Ms. Skeptic and Mr. Believer. Rolling eyes, polite sarcasms, and deep sighs began to escort the increasing differences between them both reaching a heat point when Mr. Believer brought to serious consideration the Stargate Project and the remote viewing phenomenon.

Mom, I hear voices in my room!

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It was the time that my six years old daughter had started to experience fears at night. The light on, the door open, the jump to my bed in the middle of the night, and the look of terror for every single noise or shadow before going to sleep, pushed me to take some action in the matter. The argument that it was only her imagination had been long time obsolete, so I decided to listen carefully for every single detail that was provoking her any fear and tried to calm her down finding every logical explanation.

She told me that after going to sleep, she could see me from her bedroom when I was working in my computer on my desk on the living room. And a couple of time she could see a shadow approaching to me like peeking what I was doing. She told me that sometimes she could hear voices of people talking or laughing in her room, and finally what scared her most was a toy starting by itself in the middle of the night. I have to confess that I got some spooky feeling after listening to her, that of course I didn’t revealed.

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Six Patients’s Souls

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On my early 20s I had just decided to study biochemistry. Long days of physiology, biology, physic caught me in those old buildings of the university with hundred of student listening to a professor with some aura of rock star performing in front of a current audience of nerds. I’ve never imagine that in my enlightenment mind I would be pushed to think in the paranormal thanks to those classes that found us more than one time at the edge of the knowledge of the science that planted the seeds that inspire my today research.

In one of those days in physiology's class, the study of the rigor mortis and the mechanims of how the biochemistry of muscles provoke that effect (long to explain now) showed us its relationship in some way with the energy loss at the moment of death, tempted the professor to add a weird comment about some experiment that measured weight loss at the moment of the death. But as he regretted what he had just said suggested to "focus in what we know and don’t get lost in this detail that science can’t explain yet". Just what I needed to hear to do the opposite.