About Our Company

Image 01Viviana Gomez Production - VGP is a Toronto based highly creative television production company, focused on the creation of leading edge original television series shows specializing in the paranormal content, defining paranormal in a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation". The company was founded by Viviana Gomez, who has been involved in the film, television and media production for almost 10 years.

VGP has a deep understanding of the new trend of the entertainment market in the last few years showing an increment in the speciality channels with a strong interest in paranormal content.

VGP also provides post production services with a competitive price, highly creative component and focused on the corporate, training and educative video market.  


Staff 01
Viviana Gomez
Viviana Gomez is a creative challenging mind that has been working in the post production area and media market for the last few years. She is familiar with most aspects of a TV-film production and post-production and has a complete media education with degrees in Advertising and Journalism.